Mission Statement

To give you the physical and mental tools you need to position yourself as a top performer in your field so you can reap all the financial and emotional benefits that life has to offer.

Core Values
I believe in…


Meaning… I obsess about the ultimate outcome of my efforts on my clients.  When you succeed, I succeed.  I will put my utmost effort towards making sure you maximize your career and life potential.

Which leads me to do things like…

  • Selecting tough, sophisticated, and driven athletes and executives to work with who are most likely to benefit from my experience and expertise — and whose success will lead to real change in the world.
  • Focusing on proven practices — giving you the physical, mental, emotional tools you need to make positive change in your life.
  • Challenging my clients to find their bigger purpose in life, so they can inspire a sense of purpose in others. 


Meaning… I am committed to never stop learning.  Yes, I will draw on my wealth of experience, but I will never stop looking for new and advanced ways to innovative which will lead to new ways to increase the performance and mindset of my clients

Which leads me to do things like always be…

  • Reading new books, taking courses and seminars and travelling the world to further expand my expertise.
  • Living on the leading edge of sports performance with the world leaders I have already established relationships with and always be seeking out and partnering with the new and emerging experts in every area of performance management.
  • Pushing myself to continually up my game when it comes to mental, emotional and physical training.

Doing the right thing

Meaning… I will always be honest, frank and upright with my clients.

Which leads me to do things like…

  • Always be frank and honest with my clients even when they’d rather not hear the truth.  But having said that, I will always be a positive force with my clients and offer only constructive criticism.
  • Never engage in anything illegal or otherwise untoward.
  • Continually strive to inspire people in a way that empowers them to inspire others.

Practicing Servant Leadership

Meaning… I will put the needs of others first.

Which leads me to do things like…

  • Putting the highest priority on making sure my client’s needs are met.
  • Motivate people to make a commitment to themselves so they can develop and perform at their highest level possible.
  • Put a premium on listening so I always understand my client’s needs, feelings, values, and perspective.

Setting a High Bar

Meaning… I have unusually high expectations for myself and my clients.

Which leads me to do things like…

  • Always aim for the stars.  As football great Bo Jackson says “Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”
  • Going above and beyond when it comes to delivering on commitments and promises made to my clients.
  • Strive to have each and every client see a substantial change in their overall performance, confidence and fortunes after working with me.
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