Why should you put your trust in me?

Here are four key factors that make up
The Prohaska Difference

  1. Unequalled expertise
  2. Access to some of the finest sports and business minds on the planet.
  3. The grit factor
  4. A track record of success beyond compare.

“Being an elite athlete is not about how hard you work, everyone claims they are the hardest working athlete. It’s about how and where you direct your energy and focus”

– Scot Prohaska

Unequalled Expertise

If you have a performance coach who has only worked in one sport or area.  Or one who uses a “one-size-fits-all” approach whether working with a hockey player, a football player, a basketball player, executive or an Olympic athlete…you are already at a disadvantage.  To create breakthroughs and reach top performance, requires methods be sculpted to your individual situation and goals.   

Because of my varied and deep experience as performance coach working with world champions in over 10 different Olympic and professional Sports !   I’m able to take the best training methods from all sports and scenarios and apply it to your individual situation.

If you’re a football player does your performance coach know how to adjust your training to adapt to the explosiveness of the game?  Is he armouring your body against injury so you can enjoy and maintain a long successful career?

If you’re a hockey player, does your performance coach know how to focus your training so you have world class acceleration when going backwards forwards and sideways?

If you’re a basketball player does your performance coach know how to condition your body for power yet still maintain the gracefulness that the game requires?

I’ve barely scratched the surface here, but I think you get my point.

As an elite athlete, you need someone who knows the answers to these questions and how to adapt to the specific challenges and opportunities they represent.

Access to some of the finest sports and business minds on the planet

Every athlete that distinguishes himself from peers doesn’t get there alone.  There is always a team of experts surrounding him, guiding him in the areas essential to his development and overall well-being.  Over my career I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the best experts in their field , True Healers, Researchers and Warriors in their own right… .  As my client, wherever you have a need,  you will get  connected V.I.P status,  with the best person to provide you with the best solution.

Need a nutrition strategy that increases muscle mass, gets you lean and sharpens your nervous system for incredible performance?

I will introduce you to one of the pioneers in the athletic nutritional arena.  A man who’s worked with NASA and with multiple MLB MVPs (including 4 Cy Young Award winners) NBA and NFL (including two Heisman trophy winners) and 16 Olympic gold medalists.

Concerned about how long it takes you to recover from an injury? 

Part of the Prohaska team is an international rehabilitation specialist who has worked with over 1,100 athletes in his 24 year career.  He’s also worked with Fortune 2000 executives around the world. 

Another member of my maximum performance team holds a B.Sc. degree in Aeronautical Science, a Licensed Performance Soma-Therapist. A man who seems to possess a sixth intuitive sense in evaluating individual ability, he’ll help determine a suitable corrective action for overall improvement.

Need Help with Your Brand or Marketing yourself?

You will  meet and have access to a team that  has its collective experience  heavily rooted in sports, art, entertainment and emerging culture. From 20+ years of working with dominant brands like Nike, Pepsi and Gatorade to cultivating partnerships with the most influential celebrities, This team  is uniquely positioned to pioneer new territory in an ever-changing industry.

This team  is in the business of creating 360º brand experiences through storytelling and compelling interactive technology.


What could you learn from a Navy Seal?

The answer to that question is something that few people get to experience in real-life.  You can learn how to excel at leadership and how to condition yourself to be mentally emotionally tough in every situation  that confronts you.  Another word for it is “grit.”  All the best athletes and leaders have it in spades. 

As a Prohaska athlete, part of your training will Give you access to Team SWCC Leaders of the  Navy Seals.  These guys live by the unconventional “Accomplish the Mission By Any Means Necessary” mentality.  They are the real deal.  And you can learn a lot from them.  I know I have.

A track record of success beyond compare.

I will deliver to you the game plan you need to put yourself in a position to best reach all your goals in life.  Whether it’s to land that big contract, elevate yourself above the pack, get respect from your peers or overall be a more fulfilled person– that’s what I will bring to the table.

I’ve worked with All-Star athletes from the NHL, NFL, MLB, CFL, USA Track and Field, Canada Track and Field, USA Bobsled and Skeleton and Division 1 sports programs.  Plus I’ve worked with high-level executives who, while their business focus is on target, need to improve other keys areas of their lives.   

It’s the personal relationships I’ve established with world class athletes and executives that make what I do one of the greatest, most rewarding careers there is.  I’ve made some great friendships with some fantastic people.  I’m extremely grateful and it’s extremely flattering to hear what they have to say about how I’ve impacted their life.

For instance, I trained Bree Schaaf, driver of driver USA 1 for the 2010 Olympic Bobsled Team who had this to say about me, “Scot is more than just a performance coach, because of his support and mentoring I consider him family. Scot has a unique ability to inspire athletes and non-athletes alike to push each other to better themselves.  Before I was just an athlete, Scot made me an Olympian.”

Reed Johnson, center fielder for the Chicago Cubs who says “Scot Prohaska is at the top of my list. His knowledge in performance is world class, yet his commitment to always be available to me whenever I need help is an amazing quality that I value immensely.”

During my ten-year professional football career, I had the opportunity to train with some of the top sports experts in the world. I can confidently say that the Scot’s program stands alone,” say Tim Fleiszer a Harvard University graduate, a Partner at Gill Sports Management and a  4 x CFL Grey Cup Champion

Of course, when you perform better it’s only a matter of time before you make more money.  When I started working with L.A. Clipper Matt Barnes he was making $854K per year.  A year and a half after he started working with me he signed a three-year $12 million contract.

When I first met Frederik Andersen he was stuck in the minors making $90,000 per year.  After working with me, he went on to break the Ducks rookie record for wins by a goaltender and signs a contract for $1.5 million per year.

The starting point to every great relationship is through a conversation so let’s talk.  You can contact me here.

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